Dingir Comic, Adventure of the Gods

Dingir Comic: Adventures of the Gods

Current update schedule: Weekly
Current Chapter: Rise of Civilization, In Color
Next update: June 24th, 2012
Author and Artist: Edward VanDerJagt

The following comic is based closely on Sumerian myths and theology. It depicts the adventures of the Dingir, gods of ancient Sumer as depicted in myth. In other words I didn't just make things up for entertainment. Authenticity is important, but the main purpose of this comic is to present Sumerian theology in an easily digestible form.

The Dingir are a most peculiar set of gods. We first see them at the dawn of civilization paving the way for its advancement. The Dingir focus on technological advancement and civilization. They are some of the most industrious minded gods in mythology.

The Dingir do not fight an unending war against chaos. They plow over and past chaos with a single minded determination. Their handiwork can still be seen today in many little ways in western and middle eastern civilization.

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